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Jim 'Mac' McLelland (Sacrifice)

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Kenneth answers some questions for us: What is you favorite Sci-Fi Movie, and why? My favorite sci-fi movie is , The Blade trilogies and Sacrifice of course, the reason I like Blade is because I’ve always been into karate since I was small watching Bruce Lee on the couch with my Grandmother. And the horror part of it well, that's my mom, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhee's, Michael Myer's I also grew up on them. So you combine to two with Wesley Snipes a Strong Black Man like myself and you have the perfect sci-fi movie. Why do you like acting? What does it do for you? I like acting because in 2 to 3 hrs of time actors can tell a story on screen that will make you cry, laugh, get angry, or change your whole perspective on something. but the key is to always make you feel something good or bad. Acting gives me chance to step out of my every day routine and become a character that does something I probably will never get a chance to do in real life and tell a story that touches somebody in some kind of way even though I’ve never met any of the people face to face, and to me that's very strong. Which monster would win the following battle: Godzilla V Gamera, why? Godzilla, its all about the fire/ whatever it is coming from the mouth! Unstoppable..

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